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" Ackruti Safety Innovations Ltd. is Government approved agency for installation and certification of Fire System installed as per Maharashtra fire prevention and life safety measures ACT 2006, (MAH III of 2007). "
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Addressable and Non-Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
A conventional non-addressable system usually includes a fire alarm control panel (FACP). FACP receives information from devices throughout the property, which is designed to detect changes associated with a fire event, including water flow or detection of smoke. A map of the building is often placed at a strategic location with the defined zones and indicators that illuminate when a zone is in an alarm condition. The main drawback is that the activated device cannot be detected, and only zone can be identified. The fire may be in only one small area, but the emergency indicators only reveal that the larger zone is in alarm. This type of system is also capable of dialling an offsite monitoring service, shutting down gas supply, turning on smoke exhaust fans, and connecting to other fire alarm panels.
An addressable system is much more advanced than the non-addressable system. The addressable system has a higher degree of programming flexibility and single-point detection. Addressable fire alarm systems provide all the functions provided by the non-addressable conventional systems. The addressable system allows installation of more devices, providing greater coverage. There is no restriction on the amount of programming features to be implemented in the system. Some of the more common programming features include fire door release, door access control override to assist in evacuation, time delay activation, phased evacuation for multi-level buildings, signalling to all other types of fire equipment such as sprinkler systems, monitoring station alert, and smoke damper shutdown, etc.
The wiring diagram of an addressable fire alarm system is displayed in the following figure.
Addressable fire alarm systems offer benefits in speed of detection, identification of the location of the fire and easier maintenance. The location of the fire alarm is automatically isolated in the building control panel, which enhances the response time of the system. Addressable building fire alarm systems also incorporate intelligent field devices that are more sensitive and accurate than most devices in place today. For example, intelligent smoke detectors can distinguish between smoke and common causes of false alarms, such as dust. Therefore, false alarms have been reduced by more than 50 percent with the use of intelligent addressable systems. Addressable fire alarm systems allow a single pair of wires to be used to connect up to 200 devices, which provides cost savings in the wiring of large systems.
The price of Addressable system is slightly higher than the conventional non-addressable system. However, the difference is narrowing down to an extent that most small installations opt for the addressable system
Fire suppression and detection systems in today's buildings are innovative and highly effective only if they are periodically inspected, tested, and maintained. Those who own, manage, or are accountable for the building have joint responsibility. They can fulfil this responsibility by working closely with experts, including local fire departments, insurance risk control consultants, and engineers to make sure they are ready if and when a fire breaks out.
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